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Grey Dolphin Press is a new imprint, created by David Heidenstam.

Initially it's just for publishing his own work.

Work that - he's happy to admit - usually sounds too eccentric for literary agents
even to bother to read - let alone mainstream houses to publish.

Three books now published:

Tales for my dog
(which could be quite commercial if it was actually about dogs)

In the Beginning...
(a play set in the Garden of Eden), and

Fault Lines
(his collected short poems, 1962-2019).

But other books are planned - see Future plans.

And he would also like to publish a volume of poetry by Robert Hunter, who died in
the 1980s. But first would need to track down the current copyright holders to the
poems, who would be Robert's children and/or grandchildren.

You can contact Grey Dolphin Press using the email addresses below.

And you can see samples of David Heidenstam's writing at davidheidenstam.com

We're proud to announce that Tales for My Dog has now won two awards!
It was shortlisted (Honourable Mention) in the 2018 Self-Publishing Review Book Awards.
And the cover - by Emir Orucevic of Pulp.Studio - won a Gold Star in the August 2018 Cover Design Awards at TheBookDesigner.com.
Our thanks to him, and to our Polish printers at booksfactory.co.uk

2018 SPR Book Awards - Honorable Mention
Gold star cover award for "Tales for my dog"

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