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Robert Hunter

Robert Hunter worked as an actor in the 1950s and '60s - at the height of his career sharing a stage with Olivier.

Subsequently he worked as a script-reader for Associated Television, and then as a security guard. In the early 1970s, David Heidenstam put together a volume of Robert Hunter's poems, under the title The Prison. However, like all Robert's poetry, it remains unpublished.

We would like to bring out an edition of The Prison, but would need copyright permission.

Robert Hunter died in the 1980s, and ownership of the copyright in his poems will have passed to his family. His wife Peggy will now almost certainly also be deceased, so the current copyright holders will be his children - Christopher, Zoë, and Patrick - and/or grandchildren.

At the time of Robert's death his family were living in Northcote House, Heath Street, London NW3 (now NW3 1BD).

If anyone can help us make contact with Robert’s children or grandchildren, we would be delighted to hear from you, as it would help ensure that his poetry is preserved.

Please email us at admin@greydolpinpress.com.

In the (very lengthy) pipeline.

by David Heidenstam:

  • - Delusions of candour: collected short poems, 1962-2013
  • - Footloose A strange mix of memories and other material
  • - Gentle evasions A long poem for performance
  • - Ordinary people People talking about their lives
  • - Bad connections Collected humour
  • - Outside Short stories set in the worlds of labouring,
    hitch-hiking, and security guard work.


Meanwhile the opening sections of Gentle evasions have been published online by the American Journal of Poetry here:

And some of the writing for Footloose can be seen here:

You can also read David Heidenstam’s bio at his Amazon author page here

and there's a Q&A session with him about Tales for my Dog and the writing life here

David Heidenstam
David Heidenstam near Hoi An in Vietnam

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