Tales for my dog

Tales for my dog

by David Heidenstam

80 microfictions from humour to horror

No, NOT - mostly - tales ABOUT dogs

“brutally distilled observations of the human condition...” (Amazon reviewer)

Learning about being human - one microfiction at a time...

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2018 SPR Book Awards - Honorable Mention
Gold star cover award for "Tales for my dog"

“Probably my favorite book of the contest, in terms of heart and talent... / a hugely enjoyable read - intelligent and ironic and deftly crafted... / amusing, poetic, evocative, strange...”
SPR Book Award judges



“They are wonderful stories: remind me of shorter versions of Aesop's Fables or the Persian stories of Mullah Nasreddin.”
Former editor of a long-established UK literary journal

(Who offered this spontaneously - and asked to be anonymous. Because he/she refuses all approaches for quotes - and didn’t want to upset everyone who’d been turned down!)


“From hauntingly beautiful to dark and foreboding...”
Review by BookViral


“Brief, poignant, brilliant.”
Review posted on Amazon


“The cover grabs and the content works... This set [of stories] are really worth reading.”
Peter Finch, UK poet, author, critic


“..highly original.. [The] writing is extraordinary.. I was staggered by some of the lines...”
Philippa Donovan, founder of SmartQuill.


From members of the reading public:

“really fun to read” (USA)
“some of it reminds me of the very clever Czech and Russian writers I studied” (UK)
“subtle and intelligent stories” (Germany)
“a work of high imagination” (France)
“sheer masterclass” (India)
“I love it” (Serbia)


And from the author:

“Some of these stories will seem very politically incorrect, if the reader is tone deaf to irony or satire! For example, the monologue in which a clearly old-fashioned speaker suggests that it may be easier to keep a "mistress" than a dog, because you don't have to walk her every day... Please do NOT read if you think that Swift was being serious in his "Modest Proposal"...

“Also not recommended for: Christians; optimists; those hoping for nice stories about dogs...”


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Links to websites of those quoted: SPR 2018 Awards; Peter Finch; Philippa Donovan at Smart Quill