Tales for my dog

Tales for my dog

by David Heidenstam

80 microfictions from humour to horror


  • No, not - mostly - tales about dogs
  • Just stories about human beings
  • But any intelligent dog would understand
  • And in the end you will too..


**Shortlisted for the Self-Publishing Review 2018 Book Awards**

“Probably my favorite book of the contest, in terms of heart and talent... / a hugely enjoyable read - intelligent and ironic and deftly crafted... / amusing, poetic, evocative, strange...”
SPR Book Award judges


“They are wonderful stories: remind me of shorter versions of Aesop's Fables or the Persian stories of Mullah Nasreddin.”
Editor of a long-established UK literary journal

(Who offered this spontaneously - and asked to be anonymous. Because he/she refuses all approaches for quotes - and didn’t want to upset everyone who’d been turned down!)


“The cover grabs and the content works... This set [of stories] are really worth reading.”
Peter Finch, UK poet, author, critic


“..highly original.. [The] writing is extraordinary.. I was staggered by some of the lines...”
Philippa Donovan, founder of SmartQuill.

Note: Philippa read the book as a consultant, in case she felt able to recommend it to an agent. She agreed that it was a little too unusual as it stood! - and all her suggestions were ignored... But she still liked it anyway.
Philippa was named as one of publishing's Rising Stars by the Bookseller journal in 2014, and as one of publishing's Unsung Heroes by WhiteFox in 2016.


And from members of the reading public:

“really fun to read” (USA)
“some of it reminds me of the very clever Czech and Russian writers I studied” (UK)
“subtle and intelligent stories” (Germany)
“a work of high imagination” (France)
“I enjoyed reading these short stories so much... highly recommended!” (UK)
“very interesting way of describing the world” (Germany)
“I love it” (Serbia)


Paperback, 132pp: ISBN 978-0-9955934-0-4
Kindle ebook: ISBN 978-0-9955934-1-1
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